Convoy of Hope Responds to 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake in Haiti
As of August 27, 2021 | 12:55 a.m.

HAITI — To date, Convoy of Hope has distributed more than 4 million meals to those affected by the devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake, which struck nearly two weeks ago. Thirteen additional containers of food, water, tarps, water filters, solar lanterns, and other essentials for distribution are en route to Haiti at this time.

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Transportation still remains a major hurdle in some areas where bridges and roads are unusable after the earthquake. Convoy is overcoming this challenge by distributing food, water, and relief supplies to rural communities by helicopter.


“Twelve days after the earthquake, damages to infrastructure continue to cause access restrictions that must be overcome to provide relief to some remote areas,” said Ryan Grabill of Convoy of Hope’s Disaster Services team. “In response, our team is utilizing military helicopter support to transport emergency food rations to distribution hubs in these hard-to-reach communities; this is sometimes the only option for getting relief into the affected area.”


Many of these areas are beginning to see a glimmer of normalcy as they recover.


“Things are coming back slowly,” said Ruben Cenea, a local Convoy of Hope partner. “The people are resilient and strong.”


Thank you for your support as Convoy provides relief to survivors in Haiti. 

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