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Next Steps

Thanks for letting us come alongside you as you take your next step to be more like Jesus, and to move forward on your spiritual journey towards a life of freedom and fulfillment

Next steps is all about growth


What Happened To Me?


Where Do I Go From Here?


How Can I Understand The



What happened to me?

Three important things you should know:

1. You were a sinner

2. You could not save yourself

3. Only Christ could save you 

Two things have just happened:

1. Jesus has become your Savior

2. You have become a child of God. 

We call this SALVATION.

Step #1
Where Do I Go From Here?

1. Read your bible

2. Pray (talk to God as you a friend)

3. Witness to others (witnessing is inviting people to get acquainted with Jesus)

4. Attend church regularly (Join us every week for our online Sunday Worship Service at 8:30AM or 11AM)

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5. Be obedient 

When Jesus became your Savior, He brought to you new life, spiritual life and life from God. The bible calls this the "NEW BIRTH"

By Your first birth you became a child of your earthly parents; By your new or second, birth you have become a child of God, your Heavenly Father.

As a spiritual newborn, the next step would be to grow and mature. So how do you spiritually grow or mature?

Step #2

Below are 5 tips to make the bible a part of your life:

How Can I Understand the Bible?
How Can I Understand the Bible?
3. Study the Word

Studying the word take more time , but is a valuable exercise.


Study the Word

4. Memorize the Word

After you have heard, read, studied and memorized the Bible, you have something to mediate on. 


Memorize the Word

5. Meditate on the Word

After you have heard, read, studied and memorized the Bible, you have something to mediate on. 


Meditate on the Word

6. Understanding the Word

Points- What does this passage or verse say? What are the various parts? What are the subjects it speaks of?

Problems- What does this verse or passage say that you don't understand? Write down the problems an ffind answers later by your study or asking Pastor Chris

Parallels- What similar thoughts are found elsewhere in the Bible?

Promises- What blessings and helps are stated or implied?

Perils- What warnings do you find?

Precepts- What commands are stated or implied for YOU to obey?


Understanding the Bible

2. Read the Word

Set a pace for yourself. Start reading 15 minutes in the morning and perhaps the same amount before going to bed at night.


Read the Word

1. Hear the Word

The bible is often called the "Word" of God because it is God's way of communicating with us. We use our words to express ourselves to others. God uses the Bible to express himself to us.


Attending church services as often as possible puts you in a position to hear Pastor Chris and other mature Christians preach and teach the Word of God.


Hear the Word

Step #3
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