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I Know...It Stinks!!!!

21 Days of Hunger - Day 8

John 11:28-44

Have you ever been afraid to look at your bank account balance because you had an idea of how much money was left in it, and looking at that balance can potentially ruin your day? What about that closet in your house that needs to be decluttered? Should I even mention the garage that needs to be cleaned out? I don’t know about you, but I tend to be reluctant in addressing an issue because of the unfavorable experience connected to it.

I remember an experience I had during my freshman year in college. I had some leftover shrimp fried rice in our mini refrigerator. Here is the issue: it’s been in the carton for about six weeks. Apparently, food is not supposed to last forever, even if it is refrigerated. So... instead of throwing it out, I left it in the refrigerator because it looked disgusting. It started to change color and grow fur!! I did not want to look at it. I did not want to smell it. In fact, I stopped using the refrigerator because the “old” Chinese food was in it. Eventually, my roommate got rid of the food, and we were able to use the refrigerator again. Can you believe that? I chose not to use an appliance because I did not want to see the spoiled food. I was reluctant to address the issue because of the unfavorable experience connected to it.

In John 11:28-44, Jesus was brought to the tomb of his friend Lazarus. Prior to arriving at the gravesite, Jesus was told, multiple times, that if he had been around, Lazarus would not have died. In fact, in verse 22, Martha takes her faith to the next level by telling Jesus, “Even now I know that whatever you ask of God, God will give You.” This is extraordinary faith! Martha’s faith in Jesus granted her access and revelation as she discussed the resurrection with Jesus. No one else was able to have this type of conversation with Jesus, not even the disciples. Martha’s faith was extraordinary, but when Jesus tells the people to roll away the stone, Martha objects because of the smell. That’s right. Martha, the person who believes that Jesus has the power of resurrection, objects to the removal of the stone because of the stench related to death and decay. Jesus’ response was, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”

How often have we delayed the supernatural power of God working in our lives because we are offended by the stench of death and decay? Martha had knowledge and revelation of the power of the resurrection, but her disdain for the stench of death almost prevented her from seeing the manifestation of her revelation. During this fast, I encourage you to address the dead and decaying issues of your life. What are those topics that your family avoid because of discomfort or pain? What are those sins in your life that you are so quick to justify, just so you can keep that tombstone in place? It is possible that you have knowledge and revelation about healing, restoration, and blessings, but your reluctance to address certain issues prevent you from receiving these promises of God? Despite Martha’s reluctance, they rolled away the stone...stench and all...and Jesus called out the dead, and Lazarus came out of the grave... ALIVE.

Your healing and restoration may be connected to a painful conversation that you need to have with someone. Your deliverance may be connected to dealing with painful issues from your past. Your blessing may be connected to a needed reconciliation with someone.

Do not allow your fear of an unfavorable experience rob you of your resurrection experience.


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