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Get Hungry With Us!

21 Days Of Fasting, Prayer, And Seeking God!

21 Days Of Hunger

2022 has been a most interesting and trying year.  Both fulfilling and frustrating at times.  With that being stated, we still 2022...that God has proven Himself to be the awesome God, who is still sitting on the throne.  With every heartbreak, He continues to release His blessings.  With every setback, He miraculously reveals His presence.  Let us learn to  “Trust the Lord...and Stand On His Word!”


Starting January 2, 2023, and continuing through January 22, 2023, our church will be entering a season of prayer and fasting aptly entitled, “21 Days of Hunger”.  I sincerely hope you will join us for these three incredible weeks as we seek God for a greater outpouring of His Spirit, a deeper revelation of His Word, and a renewal of our hunger for God in our church, our community, and in our lives! 


AG Week of Prayer - Prayer Points

21 Days of Hunger Letter

21 Days of Hunger Fasting Tips

21 Days of Hunger Fasting FAQ's

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